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Oxygen Bar

How it works.

The natural air we breathe contains about 21 percent oxygen. During your oxygen therapy session you will breathe 95% pure oxygen, you will pick the length of your session and, if desired, your favorite aroma or flavor. Whether to breathe unscented or scented oxygen is entirely up to you – the benefits of oxygen therapy remain the same. Speaking of health benefits, here are just a few reasons to consider an oxygen bar experience: headache and migraine relief, improved mood, better sleep, reduced stress, improved sports performance, increased energy, improved concentration and more.

Recommended sessions and options.
Oxygen therapy sold in five minute increments.

1 minute
Cost: $1

15 minutes
Min Session

30 minutes
Max Session

Patient Testimonials

“Fantastic customer service with the best quality products around. Filled with staff that truly care!”

— Brandon B.

Oxygen Bar
Oxygen Flavors

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